18 January 2010

happy 101 award

THE "10 things that make me happy" award!!
given to me by SpunkySuzi
Thanks spunkysuzi! (click the link!)
1   My blogging friends
2    Learning new things 
3    Monster Lo*Carb Energy Drink w/protein mix
4    Driving around listening to iTunes
5    A clean, well-organized home
6    Travel and going places, meeting people
7    Learning more about computers
8    Reading my favorite book - even on*line
9    A good day at work - Hospice Nurse
     I like helping people when they need it the most
10   A good work out - taking a walk
Thinking about it, there are alot more than 10 things that make me happy. Who knew? 
I've been in a "funk" lately. There were times I couldn't think of one thing that made me happy.
Perhaps that is the purpose of the exercise/award?
I am "no good" at picking people - Everybody says that, right? 
So please consider your self "named" - and tell what makes YOU happy!
And here are the are instructions that come along with this award:
1. Copy the image and display it on your blog.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Try to do at least one of them today.
4. Pass on the award to 10 (+/-) bloggers who brighten your day.
...all links, by the way...
"Your Name" Here
These awards are just a friendly way to share the love!
Anyone and Everyone who wants to join in, please do -  I would never leave anyone out.
Consider yourself tagged!
And thanks to everyone who has gone out of their way
to email me, or comment  - or has given me an award in the past - it means alot to me!


  1. Um...about #5
    My little cramped apartment is a mess right now...
    That's why I am moving!
    So nobody show up unannounced, ≪ok?≫

  2. Thank you, Anne. I didn't know you were blogging again!

    I love your #5 and I haven't been there in oh, so long!

    #9 is most impressive. You touch so many lives. I still remember every nurse who cared for my Dad--and for us--during his final moments.

  3. Jo - I took a break from blogging, (but not from low*carbing)
    but decided it would be better for me to start again.
    It keeps me off the streets, and out of trouble.
    Or does it? ;)

  4. Anne, thank you....I agree with jos comment about #9....The Nurses could not have been better to my Dad or us....Lord Love a duck, now I have teared up....Blink, blink, okay, alright I am okay....have a great day Anne, your a sweetheart.

  5. {{hugs}} to you Cinner -
    No crying on the keyboard - *zap!*

  6. You are a breath of fresh air, period!

  7. Monster with protein powder? I laughed a little. I have trouble imagining the two together. It doesn't exactly sound like a chocolate and peanut butter match made in heaven. But I may try it! I'm a sugar free ROck Star girl. I feel like such a Rock Star after drinking it. Ha!

    Congrats on the award!!

  8. Kelly - my bad!
    This award has your name all over it - Happy Texans!
    Please forgive my oversight, and join in the Monday morning party!
    And really, the Monster/protein combo is pretty good.
    The Sugar Free Energy Drink makes a great base for the mix!

  9. What a nice surprise on a cold, gray, rainy day in Los Angeles. Thanks a million Anne, I'll get to work on this and let you know when I post.

    And, I am VERY impressed with all fancy stuff you were able to do with the fonts in this blog! It looks great.

    Have a fun day and thanks again!


  10. Joanna - coming from you, that is a wonderful compliment.
    I've been working to get my "mad comp skillz" up to speed!

  11. Thanks Anne H! Your blog is something that makes me happy, you always make me smile. And I am super-impressed with your mad comp skillz.

  12. Thanks, Anne. Your beautiful attitude makes me happy.

  13. Back at 'cha, Lee!
    It was your words on a comment on my post that once had a profound effect on me.
    "It's never too late in fiction or in life - to revise."
    Just when I needed to hear it.

  14. Tanks keto-blogga! i know what you mean on the number 5. lately, i do this mental trick where im "redefining" what "clean" and "organized" means to me. hehe. playing with semantics can work wonders. :) thannks again! (10 things? hmm)

  15. Thanks for the big grin on my face. I awarded you right back.

  16. Why, thank you SheZug!
    A big grin is on my face as well!

  17. If you can work on #5 so can i :)

  18. I am moving as soon as the new place is ready!
    So anyone who stops in unannounced (or announced, for that matter)
    will not step into a perfect scene per se!
    Besides, SpunkySuzi, I said in #5 that a clean home makes me happy-
    I never claimed it was a current description of me!


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