21 January 2010


Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

A YouTube video worth watching...

Don't ya just love YouTube?
The video response....
Nothing that doesn't exist isn't found on YouTube!
And the usual....Monster, coffee, water (never enough)
Protein powder, a bite or two of this and that...
A little weight*lifting on the new bench...
Dang - that bar is heavy! Building up the "pecs," ya know.

Preventative Maintenance Day
Tires rotated, kitchen cleaned - that kind of thing.
Cleaned out the truck - and not just the parts that show.
Like around the door. And the spilled coffee on the floorboard.
No one but me will know that the details are clean.
An outside rendering of a better inside condition.


  1. Shortly after I cleaned my truck, it rained!
    That's ok. Let's go for a ride!

  2. I lovve that Youtube video. It's really cool. You should have stock in Monster. :)

  3. Me too, Lorie - I like them both!
    Might even like the second one better!
    Stock in Monster - Yes! I buy it by the case.
    For now....an interesting habit...

  4. Hey Girl, nice truck, it will be perfect for going through the snow up here....What is your 8 weeks to go, is that a year? Very interesting videos.

  5. ☆☆☆☆Ding ding ding!!☆☆☆☆
    We have a winner - it is Cinner!
    What an observant eye you have, my dear.
    Yes, in 8 weeks, it will have been one year
    since I went on the trip that started it all.
    10 weeks makes a year since I started my "diet."

  6. Well, in 8 weeks we'll throw a "virtual" anniversary party for you. Monster Drinks for Everyone, Barkeep!!!

    Loved the videos.

  7. Monster in da house!
    "LoCarb" sounds more cool than "Diet!"

  8. just when you think theres no new creativity, bam, here's some new art! monster drinks? i still love a good coffee buzz. maybe i should try monster drinks. hmmm.

  9. Rachel - Monster Energy Drinks are good -
    I mix my protein in them.
    They are SO SO good!
    The Monster drink has Guarana, B vitamins, Taurine,
    and all kinds of things that make for a good combination
    once it's metabolized.
    I got used to drinking them when I was sick.
    Now I am slowly weaning off.

  10. Of course it rained. That's a given if you clean your vehicle. Even here in the desert, it's a given.

    I need to detail mine. This fine lava dust coats everything.

  11. It's all the details, AntGirl, isn't it?
    Clean my vehicle, and/or the part of my mind
    that represents me going places.
    Or staying stuck!

  12. I love the videos...and yes, it's all in the details, too many people forget that. I'm so glad I'm getting unstuck with you on my side!
    Love your blogs! Have a great evening, Anne!

  13. LOL to the second video. And your title to the post is so pretty and floral! :)

    See, that's why I refuse to wash my truck. It rains every single time I do. even when it's 0% chance of rain.

    You drink Monster like I drink my Rock Star. I buy all of it when I find it at the store. Every single morning. Still haven't tried adding protein to it though. I did add vodka once! :)

  14. Kelly - You like Rock Star 'cuz you are a rock star!
    I buy the store out, too. Every week.

    Sunny ☼
    You made my day! We're all getting unstuck - hopefully!
    We have many good bloggers by our sides.

  15. So if I'm a Rock Star does that make you a monster? Wait, I may not want to know the answer. :) We aare what we drink?! Glad I didn't get hooked on Red Bull!

    You know there is another drink out there now (I think it's made in Houston) called Drank that will make you relaxed. Maybe I'll drink a Rock Star then a Drank and see which one wins.

  16. Lol - Kelly
    Some would argue that I AM indeed a Monster -
    with a little Red Bull thrown in for good measure!
    I'm sure they meant it as a compliment, right?

  17. You did it again! Another fabulous video and a funny follow-up. I love these things. If it weren't for you, I'd never seen them!

    Thanks to YOU I listed ten things that made me happy on my blog tonight.


  18. That second video is so hilarious! Love it.

    I don't see any floral stuff in the title. Waaahhh. Do I need special glasses?

  19. ❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿
    For you, Miss Tena!
    Joanna - I spend HOURS on my day off, just looking through
    hours and hours of footage and computer things.
    That's because I have no life....I mean that's because I love it so!

  20. :(

    All I see are little boxes...all in a row. Bummer. Or is that what I'm supposed to see?

  21. Visiting from JoAnna's love those video's so funny! Have a great weekend!

  22. Guten Morgen, Frau!
    JoAnna is awesome for the shout -out!
    Glad you liked the videos.

  23. I see them now... on my iPhone !

    I love those little cutie flowers!

  24. Tena ❀ Thank Goodness!
    Little cute flowers are just ✿everywhere✿ today!


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