08 January 2010

we can work it out

It's very cold here in Dallas, Tx
Seeing this makes ya think twice!

I'll take this as a "maybe"

Video of cats on a treadmill...
(note - not my cats!)
If you fall off, get right back on!
Unbelievable what ya find on YouTube...
Rooster Booster (lite) Energy Drink
from QuikTrip
w/two scoops orange protein mix

I get Monster Drink by the case now
(not the smoothie)

Felt like more steps at work yesterday!
5244 by 8pm
That, and 120+ miles driving
In the blistering cold, no less!

Sausage stuffed w/3 cheeses... from QT

No bun, on the run, in the truck....
coffee, black
water, clear

for late-night dinner, my special:
grilled hamburger patty
w/all the accouterments
sans the bun
oops - ate it before I clicked it!
PS - It's very good to be back to blogging!
Thanks for all your comments and support!


  1. 18 degrees right now with a wind chill factor of 1!
    Yay for treadmills, or I would never get any walking.
    I know this!

  2. Anne, we are glad to get you back here. water, clear...liked that...love your sense of humor. Your lucky you have a treadmill. I have to say with our weather I need one for the winter, it is supposed to warm up tomorrow to about minus four, so will try and get out to walk the dogs. They just about drove me to drinking today...

  3. Cinner - If you had a treadmill, you could put the dogs on it, and they could get a little walk in, too!
    Minus 4 ! Yikes!
    God Save The Queen!

  4. about those cats,,,well i never... lol

    time for me to visit the burlington coat factory, *shiver*

  5. Aye - shiver me timbers!
    The Burlington CAT factory?
    My Thinsulate items are packed away somewhere.

  6. I'm glad your back too I hope Dallas doesn't freeze ya, It's colder back home in Tx than it is up here in the Sierra Nevadas right now.

  7. No bun, on the run, in the truck :) Love it!!
    Those cats are too funny.
    Stay warm :)

  8. Hey, checking in as well...No buns are sometimes the way to go...hahaha Stay wawm, sugah! How's that for a Jyerzee chic ;)?

  9. I saw a huge Monster Drink truck today and wished I had my camera to take a picture for you. It was one of those promotion vehicles and looked very cool.

    Does watching the cats on the treadmill video count as my treadmill time ? No-- didn't think so :-)


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