19 January 2010

a beautiful day in the nayborhood

These pics turned out ok for just being taken out the window of my truck.
Some didn't even have the benefit of taking aim!
Double click on the picture to enlarge them.
At times, I forget that Dallas, Texas is such a big city!
If you combined Dallas, Fort Worth, and the Mid*Cities, the DFW Metroplex (6.3 million +) 
you would have a metropolis with like the 4th largest population in the US, according to Wikipedia.
Lots of steps today - but I forgot to wear my counter!
I almost said "podiatrist." 
Yes. I forgot to wear my podiatrist today! Go figure.
Monster Drink is back on the agenda. I have cut waaay back on the caffeine. 
Just not stopped - which was never the goal.
Taking a couple of days off from work.
I have worked almost every day for ...a while now.
Bought a weight bench and some weights on craigslist.
Went to pick it all up.  Getting that stuff up the stairs is a workout!
Little Frick and Frack, sitting in the sun.
(Two feral kittens that have come to live in the laundry room.)
They still won't come to me - too shy
But they like to eat, and therefore can be coaxed.
A shared hunger? "Here, kittens!"
Any ideas on what to name them?
Just found this B 52's on YouTube.
"Dance This Mess Around"
What you say?
Well, I'm just askin!


  1. The solid black one is a male. He is the "curious" one.
    The black and white one is a girl. She is the "shy" one.
    The boy kitten won't let the baby eat her food!
    He eats hers, too!

  2. Great pics!

    I likey my caffine as well. I don't think I could go without it!

  3. It was indeed a very nice day ;)
    I call my pedometer Pedro!
    Cute little kitties

  4. Great Pics!! Who knew there was sunshine somewhere?

  5. Ah, the trick of time....
    These were taken the day before,
    then posted in the wee hours of the mornin'.
    But all in all, the pics came out all right!
    As did the sun! ☼☼☼☼

  6. Ahh, memories, like the corners of my mind.

    I lived in Dallas/Plano for from 1988-1994. I really enjoyed living there. Lots of good memories of younger days. And thinner ones.

    Love the kitties.

  7. DFW is my favorite place - I can't imagine living anywhere else!
    Well, ok....I could but it will always be my home,
    in my heart...♡♡♡♡

  8. Cat names: Clifford and Claudia.

    Hamlet and Ophelia.

    Fred and Ginger.

  9. "Tristan and Isolde" holds Wagnerian promise.
    "Hamlet and Ophelia" --very good
    "Hans and Feetz" from Der Katzenjammer Kids, ja?

  10. If your podiatrist is cute, by all means wear. :D

    What beautful blue skies and beautiful pictures.

    I left you award [s] on my blog. Take as many as you like.

  11. AntGirl - Thanks!
    You rock! It's all back at 'cha- you know this!
    (She knows this!)

  12. I love DFW so much! I can't wait to go back this summer. It's such a great city/ies. Very nice pictures =)
    Frick and Frack are cute kittens.

  13. "Hansel and Gretel" since they are lost little waifs?
    "Here, Kitty!" probably the names that will get the most use.

  14. Love Hansel and Gretel!

    Or Ham and Eggs.

    F U N E M?

    I F M.

    F U N E X?

    I F X.

    OK, M N X.

  15. Anonymous - Pardon me-
    Have you any gray poupon for the ham and eggs?

  16. Anonymous - At least ham and eggs are low carb, right?

  17. Mais oui! C'est magnifique avec fromage--sans la baguette!


  18. Oo la la!
    (That's French, ya'll!)

  19. Are you kidding me? Those pictures turned out great!


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