26 January 2010

the empire's new clothes

monster, coffee, advil
shadow art

tried sardines -
too many "scales"
still have my wits about me, at least

time for some new clothes

jazzy salad items

Took some "reduced sugar" ketchup,
Mixed it with dry mustard, with
Toronto Seasoning on a sirloin burger
On the G Forman grill.
Coffee with dinner - late at night!
tsk, tsk!
Back on the treadmill, now that the spider bite
is a distant memory...30 min, casual pace
"Tolerated all procedures well, at this time.
No Apparent Distress noted."
NurseTalk for "okee-dokey!"
"One"  U2 cover
Cowboy Junkies

And back to work today.
Took some time off.
No reason - except maybe...
this just in...
I will also be taking some time off tomorrow!
Head ache - big time - too busy to eat today.
Shift ran later than expected.
Bring the Advil!


  1. ♡ Thanks everyone for your kind words and comments about yesterday's "funeral" post. Communication is the answer to so many questions. It's the love and caring the words represent, as much as the words themselves.♡

  2. You need new pants alright ones that fit! Dinner looks good.....but the sardines....not a fan! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. I certainly hope you didn't take all of the advil in the picture. Hey this morning I had Rock Star and ibuprofen. We must be living parallel lives.

    Love the plaid-ish pants. Look comfy.

  4. Time for new pants, indeed!! Good goin'. However, I love the big pants, cuz they are so comfy. I love sardines, but anchovies are my favorite "fuzzy" treat.

  5. Love the shadow art and the sardines on the piano keys - scales. :)

    Yes, you do need some new threads. Go chic yourself up. :)

  6. I love the humor with the scales, I hate sardines, and though I love your comfy look, I think your just an itty bitty thing under those clothes. You deserve a new outfit! have fun!

  7. Sardines never did it for me-- They're just too fishy for me.

    And look how big your pants and and how small you are :-)))) Keep eating those healthy meals and they'll get even bigger.

    Hope work was good for you today.

  8. you have to go to walmart and get some king oscar, double layer sardines ( if you haven't already tried them)

    for me they are light years better in taste and texture than the larger sardines. a tad more expensive, but very much worth it!

  9. Hmmm. Sardines.
    New clothes.
    Long hours today -did not get lunch - just got home.

  10. :) Hubs loves sardines! Needing new clothes? = priceless!!

  11. Priceless indeed.
    Can't seem to enjoy the phallic victory -
    Or was that Pyrrhic?


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