04 January 2010

work out

Sometime in the evening, or early morning, 
 I get in a few minutes walking.
Outdoors if it's nice - indoors if it's not so nice.
Treadmills are good for indoors - not so easy to take along outdoors!
30 minutes is good for the days I work 12 hours doing visits; not just sitting.
60 minutes is good for the days when work is slower. 
Then 90 minutes once a week.
Somedays I walk with the weighted vest.
It is less weight than I have already lost. It's still not easy.
I take one day off from working out per week. Or more, if needed.
It is a range - not a pinpoint on a map!
I put on iTunes or a dvd of Scrubs and go-go-go!
Followed by a few reps with resistance bands.
These have handles for a better grip, and a leg loop.
There are 5, 10, and 15 pounds of resistance. 
 You can combine 2 or 3 for more resistance.
These bands work for me because 
I don't have to carry around actual weights.
I still use the rebounder but not so much these days.
I am not really on the rebound yet.
Oh yeah, and the crunches, push-ups, etc.
That's every day.

the pink glove dance


  1. Color me green with envy!! You have a wonderful plan!. Mine is still a work in progress, but I'm taking bits and pieces of all my blogging friend's workouts. I'm a pilferer.

  2. Wow, thanks for making me feel like a lazy ass! Just kidding... thanks for making me get my ass in gear a little. The weather excuse only works for so many weeks....

    You are awesome, Anne! <3 ur blog.

  3. now what happens if I am tired after reading your workout. Maybe I need to get moving a bit more. I bonded with the ball this am...does that count!lol
    your awesome.

  4. anneh, whata slug i feel like now. im doing about 30 minutes a day and i have a sendentary job. oi.

    to keep last years foolish injuries at bay, im now humbly using a TEN POUND kettlebell for snatches, and 15lbs for swings only. its taken six months to heal my shoulder, but i still have to be cautious. gulp.

  5. Nice to see you again Miss Anne! We've missed you!

  6. Yay! It was time to start blogging again - for all the right reasons.

    And it took a while to work up to an hour. I didn't worry about the time or the distance. I just focused on having an enjoyable work-out.
    This is something I want to do every day (and can do) so I am not in a hurry to get "there."

  7. Hey You~

    That Monster drink looks familar....lol. That is a great workout. That's all I do is walk.

    I would love a weighted vest! Keep on truckin...

  8. My weighted vest has little "packets" that are removable,
    so you can adjust the amount up to 40 pounds.
    Or to make room for the twins.
    I can't imagine carrying around that much weight!
    And yet I did, and MORE!
    Wrecks my knees, though. Just like the "real" weight did before.
    The hardest part of a weighted vest is putting the thing on!

  9. I have the GoFit! Since revamping my strength training, it is currently on the sidelines. I should put it back into play. Thanks for the reminder that it is down in my 'toy' box.

  10. Nice goodies!! Wow you put me to shame :)

  11. I admire your workout commitment. Mine seems to come and go. I KNOW I feel better when I hit the treadmill but once I get out of the routine it gets hard to start up again. Ugh.


  12. Now, THAT, dear SpunkySuzi, could never happen!

    Joanna J, being a former Army person, it is not difficult to "do the deed" and work-out. I don't think I ever liked PT (physical training) in the Army.
    I came to think of it as a means to an end. Or punishment, to be avoided.
    Now it's different. At least this way, I can design my own routine! Maybe make it fun!


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