27 January 2010

same view, different day

Another beautiful day in paradise.
Who could not be effected by scenes such as these?

A YouTube video

☞This just in☜

Frick and Frack are gone.
The 2 feral cats that took up in the laundry room.
My babies musta wanted to haz a cheezeburger.
Or they are out cattin' around.
Or someone took them in.
When it ☁, it 
Off to better digs!


  1. Who could not be effected - besides me!

  2. Heya Anne

    going offline for about 6 weeks.. I will try to check in when I can..but internet connections will be spotty at best.. Hang in there

  3. Thank you for your note in my blog re: coconut oil. I know it's wonderful for popcorn. I will have to give it a try!

  4. Thanks Oct (and everyone!)
    These beautiful scenes -
    Now they bring a profound sense of failure.
    The loss is personal this time, and no amount of insight or compensation is able to bring back the peace I seem to have lost.
    I live and work in paradise, yet something is missing...
    It's never just about the weight.

    Sorry if that's a little too "heavy."

  5. Beautiful pics!! Just in time, too. I had forgotten what sunshine looked like. Thanks for the boost!! Hope you get a boost soon, too.

  6. Very nice view. The good think is, you actually feel your feelings. They say thats the first step in getting through them. Says a lot about your emotional health.

  7. loved the pics.

    I was lookiong at your l;ast post and YES you need some new clothes!

    Looking forward to our visit.

  8. Yes - it sounds like great fun!
    Something to look forward to.

  9. ✔ go back to bed - check!
    ✔ stay in bed - check!
    ✔ good plan for the day - or not - works for now!

  10. Oh Anne, What's going on? It sounds liek you are as blue as that gorgeous sky.

    Sending hugs and support and hoping your day brightens.


  11. {{Thanks JJ!}}
    Bluer, actually.
    More actually, dark like the night sky right now.
    But in a very Zen way:
    ...What colour is blue?...
    ....What is the sound of one eye crying?
    ...How many is "One"?

    You know, THAT old chestnut...

  12. A very beautiful view indeed.

    I am always enamored by my own view. The caps on the mountains are always changing. The view is always changing and it always fills me with awe.


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