20 January 2019

crazier days

Why trade 8 hours of quality sleep
For 20 minutes of buzz? 
Wine just makes no sense. 
It’s not even worth the cost and weight gain. 
I get nothing from it. 

My vices are in a different category. 

Even though I saw her buried with my own eyes, 
I will think there is a chance
The phone will ring and they somehow
Made a mistake. And she’s ok. 

It’s absolutely insane 
How the mind can trick us. 

As a Hospice Nurse, 
I know this well. 

I’m living by rote for now,
Just going through the motions. 

These nice families want to feed us. 
To foster us. 
I can’t eat what they eat. 
Strangely, they can’t eat it either. 
They’re all obese,
And on insulin. 
I can’t go back to that. 
(The obesity. 
I was never on insulin.)

So I start a new case with a new baby 
Little twin premie girls. 
No one wants babies 

Because they can break your heart. 
I guess I’ll soon be heartless. 


  1. I’m witcha babe - we took our boys out for celebratory Indian meal Thurs night, still paying the price today!
    (what meat is that anyway? Inquiring minds want to know!)

  2. Anne, you will never be heartless. No matter how many times your heart breaks. Your calling seems to be babies. They need you.
    Take care of Anne, do what's right for you, in mind, body and soul. Only Anne knows.
    You are in my prayers Anne. Top and center you are.

  3. Val- this is Goat! With all the spices.

    1. Aha, that’s I would have guessed...
      Thanks, but I’ll stick to my chicken 😉

  4. Julie- thanks. Your words mean the world to me.
    Thanks to everyone who reads and comments here.


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