02 January 2019

camel hair candy

Still fasting OMAD. 
All this stress. High numbers. 
At least the HCT is back up. 
So I’m no longer dehydrated. 

My Housemate is cleaning the garage. 
Long overdue. Years of stuff. 

She tours and is gone for months 
At a time. Phantom. 

My task was to sit in the garage 
And help hand things. 
Or just provide company. 
But it was probably more 
about not isolating. 

Finally able to eat. 
This is, after all, a food blog! 
I was in charge of cooking the steaks. 
She loves the Sous Vide. 
My job was to sear them in cast iron. 
I couldn’t think of the word “sear”
And I kept saying “scare”. 
So I scared them to the next level. 

More fireworks for New Years Day. 
More gunshots. I just freeze instinctively. 
It takes hours for my shoulders to come down
When I hear that civilian noise. 

So I knew I had to do something. 
I revisited an old friend:
The anticholinercis. 
Good for sleep. 
And still no wine. 

My lack of sleep has already made me goofy. 
I read this as “Camel Hair Candies”
Instead of “Caramel Hard Candies!”

PS. I’m laughing about all these fox passes. 

My baby doesn’t like rain. 
She loved the rain when it got here. 
But the front before the rain made her fussy. 
Probably because she had a hard time 
with the pressure. 

I saw the radar, and was already planning what I was going to do when I got to work ... today...
Ok. Okay. 

I’ve taken care of 2 subdural hematoma kids. 
Both from child abuse and 
Traumatic Brain Injury. 
They’re still alive. 
The families (like I’ve said)
We’re not a good match so....

All these kids had that phenomenon. 
A couple of yawns or some vocalizing 
Always helps open up and “pop” their ears
And equalize the pressure. 

Her little light. 
For Christmas I got her lights. 
Lights on the bed frame. 
Lights on the ceiling. 
I think she liked it. 

Last summer I asked a friend - 
Who is also a professional photographer- 
If she would take pictures 
of the baby and her family.
I asked again after Thanksgiving. 
She said she was busy and 
going through some personal things. 
“Could we do it in January?”

I was so afraid. Afraid of this. 
I answered “I hope we can.”
And left it at that. 

I guess we all don’t follow the motto 
Of giving just a little bit more. 
Yeah yeah yeah. 
She was just practicing good self care. 

But fragile kids can’t wait. 
Say it now. 
Visit now. 
Give it now.

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