11 January 2019

work a day

I put the watch on the charger 
And went to sleep. 
A lot of good it did me there! 

I went to get gas at the
One And Only 
Wild N Crazy Fuel City. 
I forgot to release my car alarm 
And set it off. 
And everyone came out 
to see what was going on. 
It’s very loud. 

Back to full time Adult Hospice. 
The tragedy of death. 
The loss and the crying. 
And sometimes the relief 
when a sick lives one dies. 

My favorite scheduler/ recruiter 
Asked me why I wanted to be around 
all this death. 

It’s not that I want to be around death.
It’s just that bedside Hospice Nursing
Is the last honest aspect of nursing care. 

I guess I’m officially “old” now. 
I don’t like what nursing has changed into. 
I seem to be from a previous generation now. 

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