05 January 2019

phantom night

Not exactly sure when os the right time 
To get back to doing normal things,
After the death of a Beloved Baby. 

I’ve had these tickets forever. 
You know I love musicals! 
Everyone thought it would be good for me to go. 
I mean, it IS Phantom! 

A backstage tour
After the show! 

But first, dinner! 

It’s not rude to check your phone 
When you’re a caregiver to a hospice patient. 
Cindy takes care of her Dad. 
It puts your mind at ease to know
There are no calls. 

A rare salad treat. 
I’m most all carnivore lately. 
Except for what veggies sneak in 
With the Instant Pot. 
 I count cheese as OK - 
Because it is from the Animal Kingdom. 

I ate a blob of butter, 
And Cindy said 
“you know you just ate butter!”

The Low Fat people can’t comprehend 
What the Low Carb/ High Fat people do. 

We ate at the Theater. 
Fair Park has The Crystal Terrace 
Under the same roof- 
And they have a Buffet before the show. 
It saves parking and hassle. 

Plus, it’s fun!
They usually have drinks and food 
With themes from the musical. 

I like the balcony for Phantom 
Because of the chandelier. 

This little Wiggle Worm 
Was directly in front of me. 
I never get blocked by a kid!
They actually rent bolsters 
So she was sitting way high up. 

So Phantom was good. 
The best performance yet! 
I’ve seen it 4 times, 
Counting the 2 times I got to 
Sit in the orchestra pit. 

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