12 January 2019


Finally getting some good sleep. 
Albeit medicated. 
Big Bad Alka-Seltzer 
Night-time Cold Medicine. 
With Aspirin. 

The “Valley” part
Of Valley Ranch. 
Finally cool nights and great days. 

Finally able to eat solid food
With out getting sick
Or it getting “stuck”
With esophageal spasms. 

Finally back on Snake Juice. 

Finally getting the 
bathroom construction project 
Done and done. 

Finally figured out how to keep the cats happy in my room, and out of the paint in the bathroom. 

Reverse psychology works with cats. 
Keep them out of the room for a while. 
Then they can’t wait to rush in. 

Finally not feeling like this-
Free Floating in Space. 

Thank you everyone who took 
a moment to comment 
or read here on my Blog.  
Your kind words and friendship 
-although we’ve never met- 
Means the world to me. 

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