13 January 2019


Back to sleeping. 
Back to crying. 
Back to questioning everything. 

I ate a high carb chunk of biscotti. 
A pure “evil” comfort food. 
And gained 3 pounds.

Even though the experts say 
It can’t happen like that. 
It does. 
And it did. 

I’m sure it’s water weight. 

People say carbs are necessary. 
They aren’t. 

I’ve lost faith in nursing and medicine. 
So much intentional misleading

My vacation is in 90 days. 
And the government is still shut down. 
Will the Grand Canyon still be there?
Or will it just be a handy landfill? 

I should probably stop blogging for a while 
and deal with my anger phase. 
Which is much easier to be around 
than the consolable crying phase.  

I’ve completely stopped Facebook 
For now - 
And devote myself to ...
Well... not much! 

Maybe it’s a slump. 

The Facebook challenge. 
Put a picture of yourself when you first
Started on FB. On now. 
To see how you’ve aged. 

This was at the Baby’s Funeral.
Which instantly aged me 10 years. 


  1. For me, Tex-Mex or Italian cuisine is the “pothole” I keep falling into... So I’ve been cycling over the same 4-5 lb range, up & down throughout the holidays. Obviously better than gaining, but I’m tired of being stuck in this rut.
    My receptionist is doing a 21-d smoothie/protein shake fast under religious overtones, so it has been easier for me to get back into my normal IF routine.
    I had also hoped to hear something from TX DOT by the end of the year regarding the limbo I’m in about my clinic (may fall to eminent domain), but I still have not. It’s hard to make any plans.

  2. I'm so sorry to read this. It sounds so trite, but . . . time is the great healer. Please hang in there and get well. Eileen


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