26 January 2019

hello birdie

I like seeing that narrow sideways channel. 
I get up early no matter what, it seems. 

I have friends (my age) 
Who can sleep till noon. 
I think I did that once 
when I was in high school. 

I’m nothing if not consistent. 

In theory at least it’s a short drive home. 

I stopped and got my fave Boston Market
Meatloaf with Spinach -
About 30 carbs for the meal. 
I forgot to take a picture. 
So you KNOW something is off. 

Friday’s are a special day for me. 
I don’t even want to irk on Friday. 
But these next few weeks are catch up. 

My Little Morning Bird is back. 
And she waits by my car. 
I guess I should get her some birdseed! 

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