22 March 2012

now what

I was born in 1960....
But I've only been (airquotes) "alive" a short while...

I expect some ups and downs with a weight loss diet...
Some non-compliance.... some strict adhering...
And some impossible outcomes.

When I was a Music Major in college, some days there
was just no explaining the progress - or lack thereof.
Same with this.

Progress is not linear.
And sometimes I think the body is gonna do what it will...
regardless of how much we want it to do what we want it to do.

Same clothes... Higher weight...
More muscles - yes... and a few more pounds.
9 - to be exact.
Since starting CrossFit I have back gained 9 pounds of fat.
Still overweight. Still working  - every day!

Some people say that LowCarb has a built-in "stop point."
Well, they say that about all diets. 
Morbid Obesity doesn't really ever "cure" itself.
Some people say too few carbs are to blame.
Forces the body into a state of gluconeogenisis -
which breaks down the muscles... not the stored fat...
Some say too many carbs are to blame.
No more wine with dinner, eh?
Or too FEW calories. Starvation Mode.
Too much stress. Too little sleep. Cortisone.
Some say the last 20 pounds are "skin" that will never
come off - except by surgery. The Omentum. 
Or is it Micros. Macros. All that jazz.
Thyroid. Head Injury. Desire.
I think I naturally weigh in a little lighter in the summer months.
Some of it is posture - all those adjustments!
Some of it is from all those squats! *wink*

I have often wondered if true health "looks" more like a size 12 -
than maybe -  a size 4!
We just don't know enough about what anything is for -
to make any factual statement about losing weight...
and keeping it off... except to say that it's never easy!

All my stats.... this time I am up an inch or two all around.
I added dates to the pic... This is me - from the start. (link)
Some people might lose a pound a day... I am more the type 
to lose a pound a week - and be grateful for even that!
That's ok... I'm finally ok with it.
Cuz I know it's not over till
well, you know.... till the Fat Lady sings!
I've always wanted to say that!


  1. love this...yep its not linear....the body has a mind of its own....

    and I guess its time just to make friends with it so I can continue on my merry way...while the fat lady sings her praises to what I try to do every day...


  2. Isn't there just so many messages??? More/Less sleep, More/Less carbs, More/Less exercise, More/Less protein, More/Less frustration. lol. As Jimmy Moore always says, "Find what works for you and do it." It is a continual journey that never ends. (Music Major??? I play and sing! Cool!!)

  3. So true! I am coming around to the realization that if you have put in the effort to get to a healthy weight and your body says, "Too low, too low!" then maybe it is right. As long as weight, BMI, and lab results are within healthy parameters. I don't know. Still lots to learn!

  4. faa laa laa la laa la la la la

    "fat... ex-fat lady singing"

    lol :P

  5. Learning to listen to your body is the first step in attaining and maintaining good health. Your body knows what it needs.

  6. It's frustrating but look how far you've come since measuring at Crossfit!! Wow!! That's really impressive! Seriously.

    I think you're doing great. Keep it up.

  7. Just to clarify.....
    Those were my measurements from the start of my LoCarb journey.
    I went back and added the dates. This is 3 years of work.
    I have gained - and not lost weight - since starting CrosssFit.
    9 pounds - to be exact.

  8. Good post Anne, I think since this is a forever journey things do change as time goes on and as things are going on in our lives too. I think the weight will change up and down as we go along as well. There are so many factors in it all too.

  9. You're showing your age; now they say "It's not over til the fat lady busts a rap."

  10. I'm a fat lady who sings.

    I do think the former obese will find it harder to maintain a lower weight than a never fat. Studies seem to bear this out. And we have to be more vigilant...sigh.

    As we get older, some extra fat is protective. But what is "some"? I doubt it's 50 more. Probably 10 to 20 more, tops. I'll let the scientists and insurance statistitians figure it out. :D

    Happy thursday, and as long as we keep at it, we find the way...we learn...we accept..we grow...it's a process.

  11. I agree with you about the size 12 vs size 4. We've been so brainwashed by the media to think 4 is normal. The human species would not have survived if that were true.

    Our ancient ancestors knew better! Ancient (paleo) males looked for robust females with rounder hips etc because they would be more likely to bear healthy children. So none of us would be here if our ancient grandmothers had been size 4s!

    I remember when I was a girl (before Twiggy) and the fashion industry used what was called a "perfect size 9" as their standard for department store models. I was one when I was a teenager. Many of the larger department stores had a girl (like me) who walked around the ladies department in size 9 outfits all day long showing them off to potential customers. I have to add that sizing has changed too. A size 9 from back in the day would probably be comparable to a 6 or 7 now.

    Anyway instead of shooting for some "ideal" I wish girls would just be taught how to be healthy, i.e. find their own ideal body weight while eating healthy foods. Just my 2cents :) Sue

  12. The body can be so frustrating!! Believe you me I know!
    Just do what you think best and eventually it will have to do what you want it to do.

  13. I feel like my body is betraying me right now. I seem to have no control over it or my mind at the moment. It is a bitter pill to swallow after all my years of hard work. It is true that some thing are always out of our control. Maybe I am just now realizing that fact. Maybe control is an illusion and I am at the whim of my emotional state.

  14. I totally agree with you on everything! There are so many challenges the body is up against when it comes to weight loss...you just gotta give in to them sometimes!

  15. How do you know it's nine pounds of fat? I am not being a smart Alec. I really want to know. I'm going to make a real effort to up my exercise and I fully expect the scale to show an increase. Still, I don't want to go over my goal weight.

    1. Caron -
      My CrossFit box has a Tanita scale that is so precise... they keep it in a safe.
      It tells you total weight, BMI, BMR, (number of calories)
      fat mass, lean mass, water weight...impedance...
      AND measurements are taken (mostly) every month
      I have gained 6 pounds of muscle and 9 pounds of fat....
      SOOOO the total "gain" is more... but I don't count the lean gain!

    2. So that's what Princess Dieter is talking about with her scale. I thought she just had a cute pet name for it. Ha ha


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