10 March 2012

a good week

Couple of omelettes

Underneath all this yummy stuff is some
[wait for it.....] Ground Beef!

Ground Chuck with yummy Cheese... and Hot Sauce

Roasted Chuck in the Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Roasted Pork Tenderloin in the Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I want these for a while...
Then I am done with them for a while!
"How fickle is woman!" [GTWT quote]

Mmm.... Tea is good.
I like cheese and cream and butter.... and even yogurt.
I'm waiting for the "Clan of the CaveBear" people
to kick me out on my Paleo butt - and into the land of Nodding -
East of Primal. Where Monster drinks and Quest Bars 
still make a cameo appearance from time to time...
For now - at least!

Fixed the Treadmill...
The belt pulls to one side...
Not anymore!

I am still getting up early and walking - most days...
And still taking a second walk in the evening - most days...
I got a new phone and it "toggles" the mind - 
As a music major in college I could memorize 1000 pieces...
As a Nurse now, 10,000 pieces of minutia.
Why - oh, why - can't I send a pic via Bluetooth!


  1. Turns out, I DID send the files...
    It just took forever for me to find them!

  2. Have a great Saturday, Anne. I am back on plan today and hoping that this will be the magic beginning. No carby food in the house now. It is just a matter of seeing the craving through to the end.

  3. I have been walking more myself, but the past two days is has been too cold and very windy.
    It gives me a sinus headache to be in cold wind. Today is a good day to get things done inside. My breakfast this morning was buckwheat hot cereal. Yum.

  4. Glad you got your new phone!
    Indeed it does look like a great week :) Have a great weekend

  5. I never realized you were a music major!

  6. Burgers..now I`m thinking of a burger for dinner - bunless of course - but cheese, homemade ketchup, red onions and hot peppers!

  7. There is a new burger I want to try that I found out in the low carb blogosphere.... It involves a big, fat burger patty with peanut butter and bacon!

  8. You can tell you grate your own cheese...


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