03 March 2012

this week

This week in CrossFit -
Practicing getting ready for hand-stands

Worked up to the 16 KG KettleBell
for Dead Lifts... not for swings

My good deed for the day.... helped a neighbor...
An Ambulance - and it wasn't me this time!

Even the Chiropractor thought it looks like I've lost weight.
These are small (men's) sweats, by the way.
This is a specific Rotor Cuff work-out...
Also known as the "come and get me" pose!
We've been working on Side Planks in Cross Fit.
So it helps the other side get stronger too.

Chicken and Pork Tenderloin...
This will be my first time cooking the pork...
It's about .7 grams of total PUFA per serving (150 g)

Got up at 4:30 am and went to the gym by 5 am...
Did some TreadMilling and stretched out!
Stayed there about an hour.
And had a great day!
I want to do that a few times a week!
Hot smile
Second Day - doing it!
Did it this morning, too!
6 am on the the Tread Mill
I woke up before the alarm. 
I'm sooo ready for this!


  1. Hmm, pork tenderloin. Maybe I'll add that to my shopping list for the week. I hope your week is awesome!

    1. Market Street was passing out samples and menus... and had a big sale!
      I hope YOUR weekend is awesome too!

  2. Love pork tenderloin. I can't wait to hear how you cook it. I'm always watching your food for good ideas. :)

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the results of cooking a pork tenderloin. I have never cooked that either.

    Are you sure you are working your rotor cuff?

    1. My Left arm is ok... the Right one - with the ball -
      THAT is the one I am working on here.
      I work on it all day. I can finally bear weight on it....
      with no pain. better and beter!

  4. Where the recipe for your favorite meatballs,..a combo of beef & pork ? I'm sorry, but remember you posting it & now can't find it. I'd love to make them

    1. I am not sure - I think I just combines equal portions of beef and pork...
      I'm flattered that you want to try them...
      I'll keep looking for it, too!

  5. I've cooked the pork tenderloin in the crock pot with good results. :)

  6. Come and get me! Love it. Those kettle bells looks so cool. Handstands??? You will be ready to come to yoga with me....

    Yay to getting up and working out! That is hard core!

  7. OOH...just had pork tenderloin last night. So good! Your workouts look great. Have a wonderful weekend Anne!!

  8. LOL at your Playboy-style Chiro Pose. Hahaha!

  9. That's fantastic, waking up so early and getting in there! I am afraid I might hurt myself with the kettle balls, but I am intrigued. :)

  10. Love to get those pork tenderloins when they're on sale! One of my local supermarkets has Buy 1 Get 2 free on them once in a while & I stock up!

    My favorite (easy) way to cook one is to rub it with olive oil ten sprinkle some Cajun seasoning all over and pat that in. Throw it in a baking dish and bake according to package. I think it's like 20 minutes per pound but it is marked on the package so enjoy!!!

    Wish I had the ambition to work out like you :(
    Keep up the good work, Sue

  11. I'm curious what weight kettleball you use for swings. Just getting into it, myself...


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