28 March 2012

another day

Steak and a few roasted peppers

75 grams is what - less than 3 ounces?
About 4 grams of carbs... more for flavour than for carbs...

Coconut oil.... good for LC dieters all around...
The white one is supposed to be the better one.
I like the yellow one MUCH better.

Left over steak and eggs for breakfast

Sitting outside on a lousy day, soaking up some sun...
My hair looks like a shaggy hippie... almost!

Still walking - getting the HR up there
Max 161 this time... Avg 117...
Treadmill and CrossFit
Still doing what it seems I need to do...
What ever THAT means!

Hope your day is better than mine!


  1. Days like these are what makes a person Ruth-less...
    as in "Hey - where did Ruth go?"

  2. O.k I'm drooling now :)
    You look wonderful as usual!!
    We all do what's best for us

    1. Would that we did!
      I am notorious for NOT doing what is best for myself....
      And I lol at myself all day for it!

  3. Hey anne, I have the white coconut oil...it makes my house smell great..why do you like the yellow?

    1. The yellow is what I use for cooking, and as a lotion.
      I refilled them both (I buy them by the gallon)
      and saw them side by side. The yellow one just looked better!
      I tasted it - and yep - it's LOTS better. Go figure, eh?

  4. How are you using the coconut oil ? Are you just cooking in it & putting it into recipes, or straight swallowing it,...solid or melted ? I'd like to get into it but am not sure of the best ways. V

    1. All of the above!
      It's my flavour of the week... and my go-to snack

  5. Huh,....and it's not gross ? I guess I'll try it. Do you prefer melted or solid ?


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