08 March 2012

nervous-s-s-s day

Gary Taubes in the supermarket

A little known fact - I never studied in Nursing School...
But I had previously read all about the anatomy 
in magazines like Muscle and Fitness

Went to the gym 
 It's right by the store

Had five extra minutes.... went all out on the 
Arc Trainer for 5 minutes
I am still walking 30 - 45 minutes every morning!
Well.... most mornings. Think I missed one day.
Sometimes, I walk twice a day.

They have a "No Lunk" alarm
So if you drop the weights or grunt -
they set it off!

Kinda "nervous" today...
Maybe anxious about the Cruise....
(8 weeks - fast approaching)
I am actually very shy - 
I have to make myself do things like this...
Once I get there, you can't shut me up.
But starting things - meeting people -
The shyness comes out big time.


  1. What's a Lunk?

    Shy? Me too. It has gotten better as I've aged, realizing that talking to people won't actually cause me to have a heart attack. I'm good once I get going, but initiating talk with people? Gads, sometimes I think I'd rather poke my eyes with dull forks.

    The really odd thing is that I LOVE public speaking. I can address an audience of thousands without blinking an eye, but put me in a room with two people I don't know and ask me to talk to them and I totally freak out.

    1. Angela, you are speaking my language. That's me, to a T.

    2. Me three! I can sing silly songs on YouTube in my underwear....
      But every time I meet up with a Blogger, I break out into a cold sweat....
      To a "T"!

  2. Anne, you will do great! I have to ask myself "What's the worst that can happen? They can't REALLY kill me". And then I just go on.

    Deciding to get over this (or work on getting over this) has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

    You can do it!

  3. I'm impressed that you sometimes walk twice a day. Awe-some.

  4. Anne, don't be nervous. I just know you will have a fine time on the cruise. It sounds like a blast and you will not be able to get into too much trouble foodwise. It couldn't be a better scenario for a vacation. I hope you have a wonderful time and make many many new friends. I wish I were going with you. I can't imagine anything more exciting than getting together with some fellow low carbers or weight loss surgery peeps.

  5. I am totally nervous with people sometimes even after I get to know them! What's even funnier is I'm a people person :) So at work I'm great with customers but if out on my own? not so much

  6. You're always doing great! No lunk alarm, though? Is that serious? I think of all of the hardest exercises I've done at crossfit that I feel made a huge difference in my fitness (okay, pretty much all of them) and there isn't a day where I didn't drop at least one weight or make on disgusting effort noise (or cuss word - bah). I'd be angry!

    Your cruise will be so much fun... Have no fear, m'dear :)

  7. Wow, two walks a day? That is so amazing. Yeah, I'd be really nervous, too. I'm actually kind of nervous FOR you! lol. You will have too much fun though, as you know!

  8. Anne, you'll have a terrific time I'm sure. I'm the same way initially but like you once I get there I'm ok. I wouldn't want an alarm at the gym, I am pretty quiet at the gym but it would make me paranoid.

  9. It's funny, many would categorize me as outgoing, but I get so nervous talking to people. I'm really trying to step out of my little box and do better, today while waiting in line at a cake decorating shop I gave the woman in front of me a free recipe, it took a lot but she was so excited and I stepped out of my zone.

    I've never been to Planet Fitness as I'm on a tight budget right now so workout at home, but I love their commercials

  10. I agree with Suzi. I can work the front desk and meet and greet and check people in and out and schedule them and I'm fine. Put me in a one on one, non-work setting and it brings out all the shyness again. Sigh.

  11. Shy? Not me. In my job there is no room for me to be shy

  12. oh my word..YOU? SHY? *psh* whatever. *smile*

    Well, I want you to come run (walk? jog?) with me in June, so let's go ahead and get the hard part of meeting over with. Hi! I'm Amy. *shakes hands* Nice to meet you! :)

    Oh and what on earth is a Lunk?

  13. ok ok ok ILL COME WITH YOU :)

    **runs off to pack**

  14. Hi Anne, Socially Awkward is my middle name but I know we are going to have so much in common with the other cruisers... I feel like I'm the only low carb paleo or even low carb person in my entire county. It's going to be great fun to be among kindred spirits for the first time.


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