22 March 2012

life without cake

A stall....ok...now what... my life is *
Can you expect to live without your sweets?
Or do we have to chose a better way?
There's almost always something we can do.

It would not be so bad to give them up.
Because I know it's only for a day.
And yet I want to add - it isn't "fair."
I want to have my cake - and eat it, too!

I walk and run and jog and trot and bounce.
I skimp and save and measure every bite.
It bothers me I never lose an ounce
I still believe that Dr A was right!

The pounds I lose this month before my trip
Are pounds already lost before by me.
I have to lose them twice by now - it seems...
Before my blubber butt goes out to sea!

And so I tread upon my mill of tread.
And send all carbs away from whence they came.
And face my life without the dread of bread
That I never really liked anyways... but still...


  1. Stranger On The RoadMarch 22, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Great Iambic Pentameter!
    Food for Thought.....

  2. <3 it!! xoxoxo you are truly one of the sexiest women I've ever known!!

  3. We just had a birthday cake in my office. I refused and said that it's only 6 weeks until I'm in a bathing suit and there's not too much that will make me go off my plan. I want to look lean in my new bathing suit - I figure I can have my cake and eat it too WHILE I'm vacationing. Until then - nope!

  4. Sweet (pun intended) poem :) Yea, I've come to realize in the past few weeks that not using food is much easier than trying to use it. Boy only took me 4 1/2 yrs to figure that one out lol. I'm sure I'll be learning these kinds of lessons forever :)

  5. Thought this quote might help

    "When I'm truly committed,
    no temptation is strong enough
    to get in my way."

    You always strike me as being strong mentally.
    I believe you will do it because you want it.

    The basics work!

    Take care though .....

    fats are not evil but .....
    they can slow down
    the rate we burn body fat
    because they have to be metabolised
    before excess body fat is attacked.

    Something to think about
    and add to your file
    of fat knowledge.

    I believe in whole foods
    but it only works for me
    when I watch out for excess fat.

    Whole milk, not skinny or fat free,
    rich cream is a treat,
    marbled beef, excess fat trimmed somewhat,
    whole eggs,
    bacon and ham but not the fattiest
    cheese but not too much cream cheese
    butter but only a walnut size,
    good oils better flavour, use less,
    and so it goes on.

    I don't do Atkins....
    Can't get my head around it
    But I believe in the principles.

    You are proof that it works
    but maybe you need to tweak
    Just saying.

    Feel as though I'm
    talking to the wisest one,
    teaching grandma to suck eggs
    you've done it
    I have the theory and a million failures
    to prove I have some answers
    but not too many.

    You are already successful
    and success breeds success.
    Go Anne.


  6. It is never cake that gets to me. I can leave cake alone. It is the cherry pies that tempt me so. It is a nostalgic thing with my past and one of my favorite TV shows. I can't seem to leave it alone. I don't need to have it in the house but can't seem to stop asking my husband to bring it home.

  7. I don't have a problem with cake either...
    I never ate cake even when I was fat.
    It's a euphemism - for whatever treat tempts us at the time.

    I don't have a problem with motivation or dedication or discipline either.
    I just don't want to gain, and I am going through trying to figure out which foods
    work with my new body and which foods work against it!


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