03 March 2012

gym rat 2.0

This was a good stretch...

Arc Trainer - about 10 minutes total.
I powered one light bulb.
Second walk of the day.
First was at home before work today!

Went and got a gym bag and towel and lock tonight

I was happy that I lifted more than just the bar on this...
Or any of the machines, actually!

Yay - and I still have oodles of energy left over
It took one (maybe two) minutes to get to the gym.
No excuses!

Pretty skies... awesome weather!


  1. I loved the stretching station at the gym....it was awesome.

  2. It always makes me happy when you make a video! No excuses! I am with you on that!

  3. I should enjoy another walk with the pups today. Exercising puts me in a good mood each time. I know it's just a walk, but for me, that is a good start... My doc said I could start with my bike, but it causes me knee pain in the surgical spot, so walking = superior for now... for me. I admire your stick-to-it-ness!

  4. Are you getting taller from all that stretching?

    Great photo, the sky is gorgeous.


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