04 March 2012

don't cry for me

It won't be easy - you'll think I'm mad
When I try to explain how I fe-e-e-e-el
That I still have my blood 
after all that I've done.....

You won't belie-e-e-e-eve me -
All you will see is the Trout you once knew
Although she's dressed up to the gills
With Salmon, and Herring with yo-o-o-o-u!

Don't cry for me, Dear Alaska -
The truth is - I neber knew you
Through all my Atkins days
My mad existence... 
If I have a question - I'll surely ask ya!

So about the Omega 3....
This is my take on it.
Just mine! No doctor or report or book.

FIRST above all else - avoid Omega 6.
THAT is half the battle. Everyone agrees on this point.

SECOND - no one knows - for sure - about Omega 3.
For every report in favor, you can find one opposed.
No two sources can agree about anything.
And then is it EPA? DHA? Ba-humbug.
Some so-called experts don't even think they are Essential!

Which takes us to THREE.
In general, I think it the over-all level of PUFA's in the diet.
YES. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are PUFA's !
PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids.
I still keep mine at - or below - 4% of the total diet.
THAT won't change. It might get lower, at times, though!

More and more Medical People are starting to realize that limiting
Saturated Fats is not the best way to control Obesity. And Health. 
A generation ago, people thought that Saturated Fats were the "enemy."
Now - not so much!
People say "But - eating Fat MAKES you fat!"
The best answer I've heard was this:
"Oh really? Does eating GREEN things make you green?" 

I added Chicken and Pork and Tuna back - 
And only plan to have the Salmon once or twice a week.
If that. 
Watch out for Seed Oils. And Nuts.

Then comes the conditions:
Not "just" Chicken, but White Meat with no skin.
Not "just" Pork, but leaner cuts.
Not "just" Tuna, but Albacore in Water.

THIS info applies to all diets... not just LoCarb.
It's just as important to people on Low Fat Diets.

And thus ends my mad obsession with the PUFA's.
Well, this chapter - any how!


  1. And YES - that Evita picture is a Salmon!

  2. I love your PUFA obsession! I learn something new every day. :) I love coconut butter and oil! (In moderation, of course!)

  3. I was singing along. I used to have the entire score of EVITA memorized....I'd play it over and over and do all the parts. (Badly, I'm pretty sure, hahaha). That was fun.

    I only like the skinless breast and parts of the wings. I hate dark meat. I can't eat seafood, so no alaska goodies for me. I am not the hugest fan of most beef cuts...My tastebuds wanna be ovo-lacto vegetarian, but for my health, I don't go there. But I could. I could. ; )

    Hugs, lady, sing on!

  4. Such talent, such obsession with PUFAs! I love them both!

  5. Now I can't stop singing that song. I loved Evita.

  6. I was singing along too, Anne. Nice job and very informative.
    Hope all's well in your world and you're feeling good.
    xo jj

  7. I was singing too...my husband looks over at me "huh???"
    "Go back to sleep honey..." is my reply.


  8. I was singing along, too, and I never even saw the movie!

  9. Ill be singing this all day.


  10. I love, love, love salmon - but only wild salmon - I won't eat that farmed stuff (frankenfish). But I limit it to once a week.


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