09 March 2012

working it out

CrossFit twice a week - 
I can do that and more!
To start, I could just do that.

Still walking at 5 am
Sometimes at home... sometimes at the gym
I walk twice a day - 45 minutes in the morning.
30 minutes in the evening - but not on CF days!

And I try to do some gym stuff every day.
Even if it's "just" 15 or 30 minutes.

Made the Pork Tenderloin...
Two - actually. Turned out great.
I like cooking "big" for the whole week.
Some for the neighbors, some for me, 
Some for the Freezer!

Atkins says you can go back to Induction anytime
for a couple of weeks. No glass of wine with dinner.
No LC treats. No problem!
I don't even like to call it "Induction" .... but that's what it is.
Complete with the Induction Flu.
Just a head ache, this time.
Not enough to stop me from my plans!

Rainy and cold - who said summer was almost here?
One day the AC is on... that night - the heat!
Welcome to Texas!


  1. I misread the above and thought it said "still waking at 5am - sometimes at home and sometimes at gym" and thought ' OMG, Anne has taking to sleeping at the gym - now that's devotion! ha!

    have a great weekend....

  2. You are the Queen of Fitness!!!

  3. Induction flu may be what happens to me every time I kick the carb habit. I always feel horrible for the first few days. And it is so hard not to reach for something to make me feel better. If I can just get through a week or so with little to no carbs I would be okay I think.

  4. Heard on the news this morning that Texas is going to be hit with a big storm that will just swirl and hover for a few days. Get your rainboots on!

  5. We are up and down with weather too. Last year we seemed to go from winter to summer with no spring break. Ugh. We're hoping for a little transition time this year. Keep up the great work. :)


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