14 March 2012

oh nooo

The Dear Little Baby Mac is sick and in the Mac-Hospital...
The Genius Guy said it "might" be as easy as a little powercord
adapter part thing-a-ma-jig... Finger crossed, eh?

I am at the public library posting this.
Kids are playing soccer in the isles.
Screaming rampantly.
I had to pay an old fine from 1996 (ten big ones)
prior to getting my card re-upped.
And worse, I have to use a PC. *shudder*
At least they have FireFox...
The PC really isn't that bad -
It's like "old home week"... 
Besides, I'm not a Mac Snob....(sure)

The Librarians told me to stop screaming and cussing at the screen....
I promise I don't don't know they mean....
Silly rules....

In the mean while, everyone is invited to go to FaceBook 
 and have a chat with me there. (link)
I can at least get that app on my new phone... for now!

Did some working out at CF the other day...HR 204!
Food and Fitness are unFazed by the drama of the week.

Fried Up Chicken with GB and Fried Cheese
Gratuitous pictures of tulips all abloom. 

And these lovely Irisis-ez

Hope your day is going better than mine!
(But  still - it's all good!)


  1. I'm sorry your Mac is ill. I hope he gets better real soon. I hate computer problems. I get withdrawals from being offline for too long.

  2. Sorry your Mac isn't well hope it's feeling better soon.

  3. You are looking fantastic Anne H!

  4. I hope your mac is all better soon, there is nothing worse than having to use a public computer!

  5. Get better dear Maccy, Annie needs you! I'm happy to chat any ol' time.

  6. OH, NO. The MACcy is ill!! I also hope for you it's a simple (and inexpensive) fix.

    Love the flora!

    And, um, cheesy chicken GB goodness. Now I want me some...

    Later, babesies...

  7. I always feel sorry for PC users when I have to use one. Macs are the best! Hope the geniuses get it back quick!

  8. Fingers are crossed
    eyes too
    keep on keepin' on
    with the good eats!

  9. Poor puter, hope it gets better soon. So love the flowers, we aren't near that yet, our snow is almost gone though and there are a few pussy willows blooming and I saw my first robin today.
    Library PC are interesting, when we use to go to Mi we'd go there and check our mail and such.
    Sorry haven't been by for a bit, you know how it goes just busy.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed evening!

  10. Scary times with the Mac in for repair. I have my fingers crossed for you that it's as simple as the power cord.
    Kids screaming at the library. Times sure have changed.
    xo jj

  11. Sorry about Mac. We never know how much we miss them until they are gone. Hope he's back in business real soon.

  12. You are a brave woman to use the computer at the library. Last time my iMac was at the Apple Doctor, I was frustrated and went into withdrawals without it.

  13. Hope Baby Mac is out soon! Fried cheese really makes me feel all happy inside!

  14. Hope Mac feels better soon. Have a good weekend!!

  15. I tried to use the public library computers a few weeks ago and I couldn't get anything to work for me. I'll stick to the college library. I should see if I can get blogger to work on my Kindle Fire!


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