06 March 2012

summer already?

Spring in Texas - lasts about a week!
80 already yesterday ....
Enjoy it while ya can, eh?

Atkins-eque food -
Makes me glad I'm LoCarb!

This guy was ahead of his time...
This is the original '72 book...
Reprinted, of course, but still the same info -
before he went all mainstream and stuff...

Blood Sugar is good

Keep the whole coffee, cup and all in the fridge

Bouncing and walking every morning...
Most mornings at the gym..
But trying not to overdo it and get burned out on CrossFit Days

 Enjoy your day!
Now - it's off to work I go!


  1. I love the "popcorn" trees!

  2. We had snow yesterday lol, I'm ready for some Spring. Bouncing and drinking now that's a trick :) I'm missed ya need to catch up.

  3. Yes, Dr Atkins was ahead of his time. I remember his book many many years ago.

    The bacon and cheese is how I eat too.

    Now that the streets are not slippery, I am walking or riding my bike.

  4. I went for a walk today and some of the trail has no snow whatsoever and then I came across some that had snow and some that were covered with ice!! Luckily I had my yak trax on :)
    Can't wait to see spring!!

  5. Glorious blossoms!!! I can't wait for the tulip trees to bloom...this spring I will get pictures...last year I waited and I was too late.

    Cheese and bacon...always winners with me!

  6. I'm loving your spring photos!
    And you are able to drink while bouncing!? ha ha ha ha

  7. Warm here in Arizona too. We were running the A/C in the car two days ago. :)

  8. Love blossoms! They are out here too. :)

    Atkins has been around since the 70's?! I did not know that.


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