11 March 2012

rough day

Still getting over myself where a little tiny doggie bit me on the nose.
The kind of little tiny dog with razor-sharp teeth.
Earlier that day, a Nurse friend from my own company died on Hospice.
She was my age.

Later that day a family called and requested to  not have me as their Nurse.
Said I talked too much... the last time (and only other time) this happened,
the family said I was "arrogant." 
Disappointed smile
I suspect they didn't tell the whole truth, and there's more to the story.
Cuz I barely said 3 words all day.
Maybe they meant I didn't talk enough.

So I took all that energy and cleaned the whole place.
Spring Cleaning. Dusting, vacuum, the whole bit.
Moved my computer to a place where I can stand up.

Pork tenderloin leftovers. With some Bubbies Sauerkraut.
This cooking in advance is great!
Getting things done without have to stop and catch my breath....
Not getting sick from stooping over to clean baseboards....
Not getting half-way through a major project and pooping out....


  1. awww sorry you had such a rough day. I hope the week brightens up for you!

  2. So sorry you've had such a rough day, wish I could give you a big old hug. Hope you get to feeling better. I've come to realize people do things that really have nothing to do with me and that's what sounds like happened with the family "quitting" you, their issue not yours. *big big hug*

  3. I am sorry to hear of your bad day. I hope you are very proud of your ability to turn to things that are beneficial to you!

  4. Sheesh! What a lousy day. Hope the coming week is kinder to you.

  5. Good for you, using that energy to do good instead of... the opposite. Your place looks cute.

  6. I'm sorry you had a bad day, Anne. Throw this fish back. 2012 gives you 365 others that will be fabulous! *hugs* - Mamaw

  7. I'm sorry it was a rough day - sometimes it feels like everything happens all at once. Hopefully you got all the bad stuff over with for a long time now.

  8. It's so true somedays all the crap comes flying at you. Just have to breathe it in and let it go. Sounds like you did just that! Hugs xxx

  9. So much in one day, that's hard. I hope things turn around fast, and get better for you, Anne. {{{hugs}}}

  10. Hugs on the loss of your friend...and I second what Bubbly said. Here's to better days ahead!

  11. These people don't know what they are missing when they give you up as their nurse. Don't give it a second thought. People who are grieving don't always make the best decisions.

  12. Oh you have had a rough day :-(

    Hope things improve for you soon...it's awful when everything goes wrong at once.

  13. Big Hugs winging their way to you. Hope today is a better dayxxxx

  14. Oh, that sucks. So sorry, Anne. Really, talked too much. Lousy excuse. Their loss. Big hugs.

  15. "hugs" honestly your one of the best!!

  16. Why do things jumble up like that?
    Death and rejection in one day...
    It takes a spunky person,
    one who has faith in herself,
    like you, Ms Anne,
    to come home, clean baseboards,
    find gratitude in the bending,
    and fix pork tenderloins.
    You are such an inspiration
    to not get on the pity pot!

  17. What a rough day. I hope you are doing well now. That is a lot to handle. Sending lots of healing, comforting thoughts your way~~~~~~~


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