27 March 2012

ketosis dance

Guess what - 
Bikini Butt!
My swim suit came today!
Every day is one day closer to the cruise
Which I've always considered to be a little...
Um.... how you say..... bourgeois?

I don't think so any more.
Took some mental adjusting, though.
Now, I just want to have a good time.

Stocked up on Steaks - they were on sale...
Cheaper than ground beef! Less than $4 a pound.
See... Not bourgeois, either, eh? 
Winking smile

The Ranger, The Cook, and a Hole in the Sky

Some cattle rustler show - got to watch TV - it was a welcome change!

Almost a week on Zero Carb and I am 
FINALLY in ketosis...Yes - I - even I - 
After 3 full years of LoCarb living!
Let this be a lesson to us all, boys and grills...
Some of us are just WAY more slower than others!

Off to CrossFit to change my life....
One little step at a time!


  1. Your posts make me happy. I guess it is just the happy feelings that shine out of the words. :) Can't wait to see pics from your cruise!

  2. Is that the actual material from your swimsuit?? It's beautiful!

  3. I love how positive you always are!

  4. how pink anne need to know. lol i will be testing tomorrow ha ha ha congrats ane regards walter

  5. Nice bathing suit colors-- What a great time you'll have, Anne. I'm so happy for you.

    And congrats on the zero carbs. That's huge!

    xoxo jj

  6. Hip hip hooray on the ketosis!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!


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