29 March 2012

coach appreciation day

Cooked up all kinds of Paleo things...
Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Peppers, Onions,
And two big Steaks - took them to my coaches for lunch

I was the only one in class tonight at CrossFit

Max HR 166.... Avg HR 112
And good recovery times, too... 
Last week my post -work-out HR was 110

Still loving the Zero Carb Thing....
Brisket and Eggs.... Those are not fries....
They are a couple of peppers left over from the lunch
About an ounce. I didn't even eat them...
Photoshop them out - if only in your mind...

It is amazing to me how fast the weight comes off
when there are zero carbs.
No coffee, still, either... no guarana....
And I feel more than a little depressed at times.
Maybe my body is trying to make it's own stuff.
It's not a true depression (not like a clinical type)
Cuz I have a ton of energy and I feel great, actually.
Just miss coffee... maybe just the IDEA of coffee.
I dunno.... sigh...
Got any extra hugs, send them to:
Garland, Tx - thanks!


  1. Sending hugs your way, dear Anne!

  2. Have you figured out what it is about coffee that you miss?
    The taste, the smell, the energy buzz, the ritual, etc?
    Is there anything you might enjoy as a close sub?

    Ha ha ha, this from one who would break yer arm if you tried to take away my coffee! LOL!

  3. Oh Yeah! No coffee! Tough call! Plenty of hugs. You are doing great. I don't think I want to go that low in carbs. Being in ketosis on average of 40gm carbs will do me. I wish my blood pressure would respond as easily as my weight!!!

    I had a cappuccino for lunch. Maybe I can call it my celebration food instead of dessert which I hardly ever eat now.


  4. That was so nice of you to provide lunch for your coaches. Cool that you were the only one at CrossFit.

    I have a big bag of hugs with your name on it!!!

  5. I would miss coffee too. Hope it gets better for you. :)

  6. Today I begin Induction. Wish me luck!

  7. Food looks great! Keep up the good work.

  8. I miss the buzz of coffee... and I miss wine with dinner....
    And I am having a very bad month at work....
    AND I want my mommy!
    Not necessarily in that order.

  9. hug hug hug!!!

    You are supergirl in my eyes. Keep up the great things (so cool that you made yummy and healthy things for the coaches!). I understand being depressed. Best happy wishes!

  10. Oh Anne H., the "missings" can really suck :[ Just want to throw my support your way!

  11. Hi Anne :-) been reading for awhile and wanted to say that your loss (even with the struggle recently) is very inspiring to me. Keep it up, you will achieve your goal I am sure. :-)


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