07 March 2012

three years

On the trip that started it all 
 three years ago.... March 2009.
Men's size 48 pants... unknown starting weight...
but it was up there!

Came home... decided to stick with it 
 Just to see what happens next..
Someone suggested I should blog...
One question - what's a "blog?"

During the "Can't Stop Bragging" phase... end of the first year!
Here's the glam shot of the now-too-big-men's pants

Changes are slow with me - despite my 110% dedication to the cause.

I am sometimes super frustrated at the slow rate of change!
And yes - I am also gaining muscle.
The scale is higher, but the pants are looser.
Hot smile
I want to think that all the books and blogs and hype is true.
30 pounds in 30 days... let's see..
I should be looking totally buff in 120 days.
(That's a pound a day, right?)
And then in a year, I will vaporize and weigh nothing!
Disappointed smile
Three years and still striving!
That's almost a college degree!
At the School Of Hard Knox.
I wonder If I would have started my diet 
if I thought it would have taken this long.
And the maintenance!
The zero tolerance for cheating!
It takes so much.
Confused smile
When it all comes together, we are like YAY!
When it falters a bit, we question if it is worth it all.
Left hug  Right hug
So Bloggers - we've been hanging out nearly 3 years!
I actually started Blogging in May.
But my diet started in March.
I think of you as real and true friends.
Some of us are closer than family.
Party smile
THANK YOU all for all your love and support!
And all back at ya!
Party at my place -
8 weeks till the cruise...
Better make mine Induction Style!


  1. Happy BLogoversary! I've missed the news of your cruise - sounds fun!

    1. YAY! I am planning to go on the 5th annual Low Carb Cruise!
      At least the food will be good!

  2. Three years!! WOW!!! Good on ya Ann - I'm super proud of you! My three year anniversary is coming up soon too...June 5th! YOU ROCK :-)

  3. Happy anniversary, Miss Anne! You are incredible...

  4. LOVE YOU WOMAN!! You inspire me and I am so proud to call you my friend!

  5. Three years and we are both much healthier than we were at the start of this. I think happier too… but not finished. I'll NEVER be finished. Until the finish :P I'm happy that you are one of my bestest blogging friends. :)

  6. Thanks, Anne for all you contribute to the blogging world. You put invaluable information out there and also support and encouragement. You are doing great and I have no doubt that you will continue to see the changes you are looking for. Hang in there!

  7. Happy Blogiversary!!! Way to stick with it, Anne!

  8. Congrats on three years! I am truely glad you decided to blog because you have been such an insperation to me, knowing that you keep on keeping on even when you are seeing slow changes makes me stick with it too. Thanks :)

  9. Congrats on self-transforming, babe!! Keep going,always, always, onward!

    I tell folks, "Forget the quickie, 10 pounds in a week, 25 pounds in a month" diets. Find a way you can live with food and movement and gt stronger and healthier and let the weight go down steadily--large or small increments, however YOUR body does it. Not all bodies do it alike, even on the same exercises and calories. We don't all work well on the same macro ratios. We have to learn and find the way for US.

    And that takes time--learning, doing, trying...real progress and real change TAKES TIME.

    And you are doing it the Anne way. God bless you, babe!

  10. Happy Anniversary! :) Thanks for sharing along the way!

    What amazing progress photos!

  11. Those photos are amazing. It's been 3 years, yet you look younger NOW, and healthy and "buff"! And we can't forget Cute!

    I think I agree with you about the time it "really" takes, cuz for some of us it's taking longer than we had planned. I'm glad I didn't know how long it would take. I probably would NOT have started my blog. It would've been too hard to face the embarrassment of being here 3 years later and still not at goal! But... we continue. This it for life, after all, not a short term deal. So on we go, cruising along!

  12. Happy Bloggeversary Little Miss Sunshine xxxx

  13. Congrats on your 3 years!! I just toasted you with a piece of bacon!! LOL!

    I love the Dr Atkins quote on the left side of the page. I will never forget somewhere around 2000 when I read my first Dr Atkins book and somewhere in it he said something like "I bet you changed you diet to all low fat foods and now you think there is something wrong with you because you're not losing weight..." not an exact quote but words to that effect and I thought he was talking just to me! It was a real eye opener and the beginning of many years of research and educating myself on the real truth about what we eat. God Bless his soul and may he RIP.

  14. You have sticktuitiveness! Three years and counting. Congrats and keep on keeping on. :)

  15. So glad you found out what a blog is three years ago! Happy blogiversary, Anne!

  16. Well done, good and faithful
    restorer of your health
    and blogger nonpareil.

    Now you know that every day
    was worth the effort
    to stay and make it pay.
    Through thick and thin,
    fat and lean,
    healthy fat I mean,
    you've mad a difference.
    Wow what a difference!
    Heroes are made of stuff like you.


    (apologies for weird/poor verse)

  17. oops! that should be made a difference not a mad difference although it could work depending on your definition of mad.


  18. Love ya babe (((((( hugs)))))
    Happg blogiversary

  19. Congratulations for sticking with your plan for three years! Thanks for sticking with all of us slow losers, too! Love your blog and you my friend! Happy anniversary! Michele

  20. Three years of learning and sharing and growing and shrinking. Growing mentally and emotionally and that body shrinking. I have watched you overcome lots, go through trials, pick yourself up and get on toward your goals. Hugs to you!

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary!!! You are hard core low carb and I gotta love that...and you too of course!


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