06 March 2012

little differences

Ya can't always learn the right way to do something
just by watching a video or reading a blog.
There are very subtle differences - sometimes!

That's why I love Cross Fit!
They teach Perfect Form...among other things

Stretch the band. Move da muscles. Easy, right?
Palms UP or Palms DOWN?
It works out totally different muscles!

Shoulder back - AND down...
Not just back -
Again - stretches totally different muscle groups.
It would work against us to strengthen the ones that are
already too strong - and pull... and leave the weak ones!

How NOT to Squat -
You don't just go up and down, and see how many reps you can do....
like a speedy Jack In The Box!
For example - watch the knees - 
They should NEVER extend past the toes...
Or you will have some sore knees!
And more than likely hate yourself in the morning.

A proper squat has 4 points:
1) knees above (not past) toes
2) butt back + chest up (don't round the back)
3) weight on heels (don't let the toes rise up)
4) go to the hip crease.... if you can
BUT don't go down lower than you can with perfect form
EVEN if it's just this low!
It gets better.... with time and practice.

"Monster Walk" with the band...
Bear Crawls, Single Leg Squats,
OverHead Squats, all with great form - 
I might add!


  1. Whoa, you can get low on the squat! Nice!

  2. I shall call you Role Model McGee

  3. Looks fun and tiring. You are doing great. Crossfit sounds like something very useful. I don't know if we have anything like that in our area.

  4. Mr. Helen always says it's important to get your form correct from the get go since, "Habits you train, are Habits you gain" i.e., if you start practicing with bad form you'll probably keep it.


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