23 March 2012

hip hop happy

Yummy Grass Fed Beef for dinner

More fun at CrossFit

Almost 2 hours counting warm up and cool downs...
166 Max HR... avg HR 104
1:13 in the Fat Burning Zone and :23 in the Fitness Zone

Pretty stuff at the Grocery Store

Chicken and Eggs for Breakfast...
Induction - junction - what's your function

Hip Hop Happy - must be my function!

Hope your day is a good one!


  1. I am thinking of getting a body bug, what wrist thing-a-ma-bob is that?

  2. This is the Polar F7.... a Heart Rate Monitor...
    Some different brands also have the GPS feature.
    Some have a Pedometer.
    This "just" tells heart rate... you can set the parameters
    for your goals, your height and weight.
    I like it - pretty easy to use - not too expensive .... gets the job done.
    Since my "problem" area is cardiac, this one works for me.


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