21 July 2011

hot day

See these? They are called "clouds." 
They bring some rain!

Beaming people up in Frisco...
People still call it McKinney, tho!

Dang - too early for 
Talk Like A Pirate Day...

I was never a chocolate fan... But I would have liked this...
back in the day!

Coffee about 4 times today

SLIM-cado.... an avocado from Florida.
Less fat. (link)
Never had one.

Is it me? Is it now? Is it wow?


4 shakes and this -
Tuna salad and a little salad

Stay cool as a ........

Happy day for everyone!


  1. Wow, I've been amazed at your weather. Here in Oregon it's been hard to get our veggies to ripen, not enough warm weather!!! A couple of days ago a humongous thunderstorm and rain fest... now overcast. I have a feeling it's going to be our turn next for Sunshine!

    You have me itching to try some of your shake combos. I have all the ingredients... just didn't have the motivation. Thanks for that!

    Stay cool. :-)

  2. Slim-cado? What's that? I'll have to try one! Thanks!

  3. i love going along on your photo adventures.

  4. I'm curious: do you ask employees if you can take their pictures or do you just try to get candid shots and ask permission later? :)

    Love the photo journey through your day. Yes, it was a hot day yesterday. Pretty sure we'll get more of the same today.

  5. In the world before social media-
    people would look at me like I was crazy.
    Now - they pose!
    These two chicks were like
    "This is SOOOOO going to be on FaceBook!"

    The Barista Guy raised his eyebrows - "oo-la-la" style!

    I never post (or take) a picture of anyone who doesn't
    want to be photographed -with my trusty little cell phone!
    Unless, of course, it's a picture of someone's butt.
    And sometimes, even then!

  6. LOL, your oatmeal guy isn't a pirate - he's a Quaker. It is soooooo hot here too! Stay cool, friend!!

  7. The corn is popping in the fields here! Stay cool, y'all!

  8. Clouds...rain...sorry, that does not compute. Poor, poor Texas. Dryin' up like the desert.

    I'm going to check out the slim-cado - thanks for the head's up!

  9. and you KNOW we are already planning our talk like a pirate day party!!


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