06 July 2011

did it anyway

The other night at the bbq -
this cute little granny was going to show
us all how it is done

A person in my neighbor-hood told me
that all I talk about is fitness and weightloss...
(And blogging - she forgot blogging!)
I don't think she meant it as a compliment.

Happy times - blue skies....

I didn't really feel like going to CrossFit tonight
But I promised myself that I would not miss
all summer long... So I got up - went... 
And I did ok! I didn't quit or give up or give in.

Had chicken and pulled pork....
Lots of water... and watermelon.
What a yummy summer this had been!

Hope your day is great!


  1. plbbbtttt...to your neighbor. Was she out of shape? lol. Great job getting to the gym. Next time you see her mention melons...and thereafter only talking about melons...watermelons...cantaloupes...musk melons....

  2. haha go all Bubba on her...

    Juan Canary
    Orange-flesh Honeydew
    Santa Claus
    Seedless Watermelon
    Yellow-flesh Watermelon

    watermelon slices, watermelon coolie, watermelon margarita, watermelon salad, grilled watermelon, watermelon with salt, watermelon soup, watermelon...etc.... :)

    just repeat it all over and over

  3. ps, when you type watermelon over and over again it looks really odd.

  4. PLeeeeeeease stop mentioning WATERMELON.

    My mouth literally drools at the thought of that sweet, delicious, mouth watering stuff.

    sad we have none around right now....

  5. Don't look Cris because I'm going to say that the watermelon this year has been the BEST I can remember. We go through one or two a week and I also eat a whole cantaloupe by myself as my husband doesn't like it. Yeah, Anne, just melon her to distraction. Ha ha :)

  6. Grandma writhing on the ground.... Elder Porn,...My retinas...Argh...

  7. I get told I talk about running too much. I can't help it! When you have something you love, you HAVE to talk about it!

    Watermelon sounds amazing right about now...

  8. The Texas watermelons we've had this year have been great. I've had more watermelon this year than the past 3 years combined as a result. I may be getting out the crock pot this weekend...your meat has my mouth watering.

  9. Having a great day here, Anne. Sounds like you are having fun and sticking to the plan. Good for you. Your crossfit training inspires me.

  10. Go granny, go! She was adorable. :-)

  11. Usually when I get those sorts of comments from people it is people who feel guilty about NOT being fit and eating healthy. And I personally find that a compliment. I love watermelon. Should have some fresh from our garden soon!

  12. Hi Anne, Your Granny friend rocks! She can really move!

    Funny thing for your neighbor to say-- Wonder if he/she just wants to talk about themself?!?

    High five for sticking toy our workout plan. It's not easy on a lazy summer day.

    I'm loving the watermelon here too-- Had some for lunch.

    Happy day to you! xo jj

  13. Wait, there's more to life than fitness and weight loss??? I don't believe it!!! LOL - she's just jealous, most likely, of your incredible success.

    Great job going to cross fit even though you didn't want to - those workouts count for double - did you know that? ;)

  14. Congratulations on doing it anyway!!!

  15. And whats wrong with talking about fitness, weight loss and blogging???? Personally those are my favorite topics!!!

  16. Your neighbor obviously neither knows nor listens to you. Her loss. Oh, and did you ask her if she'd like you to talk about Mozart or deep sea diving for a change? Meow...

    Good for you... going to CrossFit when you weren't in the mood! Bravo!

  17. PB - I know, right?
    Perhaps I could talk about the weather!
    Or maybe all my aches and pains.
    Or how hard it is to climb the stairs in the heat.
    And how I wish I could change all that....
    Maybe change my life, and try to get in shape...
    Oops - I did it again! ...My bad!


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