19 July 2019

shoot- its friday

Good sleep
But I just can’t eat late at night. 
Also, if you’re fasting- 
The HGH - Human Growth Hormone -
Isn’t as strong. If you eat
Before going to bed. 

One hour PP
A Meyogenic meal. 

Keto Cornbread 

Brisket in the Sous Vide. 

Happy Happy 
Joy Joy

I woke up today and thought it was Saturday. 
And yet it was Friday. 
Big traffic day! 

So I got  back up 
And hustled my butt 
And got to work early
Enough to blog! 


  1. I am so glad it's Friday. I've had a few busy weeks am looking forward to books, tea and sunshine this weekend!!!

  2. Oh PS whats the recipe for Keto cornbread? I googled and found a bunch. Which one did you use?

  3. PPS when are you coming to Canada?

  4. ENZ- it’s Martha’s World Keto Cornbread!
    Video on YouTube.

  5. Thanks for the email and the recipe link :) You are the best!


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