09 July 2019

water works

I haven’t really been swimming 
Since the group home. 
That was like 2013. 

I’m really serious about the Dental Vacation 
And doing some snorkeling. 
However. One thing. 
I don’t know anything about swimming!

So I found a pool near work. 
They’re open for Seniors at 530 AM. 
So I can swim before work. 

I can also shower there. 
Which would cut down 
on the fights at home. 

Best part- it’s free! 
Cuz I’m old. lol. 
And it’s part of the DCCC
Dallas County Community College 

Got a new swim suit. 
This is called a UniTard. 

I’m ready to get started! 
Swim a few days a week. 
Combine this with walking 
And- we’ll see !

1 comment:

  1. Sad sad sad. Those swim suit people tell lies. This doesn’t fit at all. Well a nice return. And a new one on the way.


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