10 July 2019

feast or famine

Before   - since I wasn’t going to go on a diet
10 years ago- I never got a hike before weight. 
Maybe 230? 240? 
I was not a small gal. 
Not healthy. 

Now weight. And goal weight. 
I’m short. 5’2”
BC - Before Canines. 
5’1”  AD - After Dogs. 

I lost 7 pounds last week 
fasting with maybe 
500 calories all week. 

I’m AMAZED at how 
few calories I need. 

I can and did - gain on OMAD. 
“Delay, Don’t Deny” 
Is DEFINITELY not for me. 
My blood glucose is large
And in charge. 
And I must do what it tells me. 

I imagine to maintain on OMAD 
I need around 500 calories 
A day. NOT 2000. 
Not even 1,200. 
Even when I’m active. 

Everything I’ve ever learned 
In Nursing School was wrong. 

This is an 88/8 or 66/6
Fasting routine. 
It’s easy to plot 

It feels a little OCD
Still plotting after all these years. 
But anyone who reads my blog 
KNOWS that 
I can slide down that 
Slippery Slope “lickety  split”! 
Probably the underlying hormonal factors. 
This is a fasting reading. 

Sleep - my new hobby 
Is good because I went back 
To my Baby Boomer Friends house. 
And it’s quiet as a 
Suburbian Log out here. 
All you hear is lawn mowers 
And KatyDids. 

The best part of waking up
Is coffee grounds in your cup! 

An old Army Nurse gotta do
Whatcha gotta do. 

I’m sincerely thinking 
about doing some “no coffee” studies. 
And let my body heal
My adrenaline and cortisol issues. 

Suit comes today! 
I take monthly measurements. 
Someone took my cloth tape. 
This makes 2 I’ve “lost.”
They’re sacred tools. 
I’m not likely to just misplace them. 

I think I’ll be ok with the suit. 
It’s Lycra. So it will 
Touch skin. (Ugh!)
But that’s ok at 530 am
At the senior center! 

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