05 July 2019

it’s over

I can’t stand the noise in my neighborhood 
So I spent the night with a friend. 
She lives in a baby boomer town.
They had some fireworks, 
but I’m pretty sure no one got shot. 

The Colony is a little township
-Now a big city- 
That was bought and built in the 70s. 
Fox & Jacob came in 
and bought the land
And built a town. 
Way back before builders made 

No ketone strips at work. 
Had to use this. 
pH 6.. Must be the ketones. 

Still fasting this morning. 
If I have a bit of butter or cream
Or a half a cup of broth, 
I still count that as my fast. 
I know not everyone counts like I do. 
That’s ok. I do the best I can. 
None of what I have uses insulin. 
And this is an insulin fast. 

Lots of hours on the clock. 
Long 14 hour shifts 
In a hot little room. 

And that’s ok. 
Let’s just get through 
The holiday weekend. 

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