04 July 2019

down down do yo thang

First- Happy 4th. 
To those who celebrate. 

I loved this picture. 
Once upon a time. 

Now it’s more like this. 

At the clinic all day 
Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Picking up the hours. 
I’ll be at 78 hours worked this week. 

Lol. True. 

Lots of shooting already. 
Some sleep. 
Crazy crazy dreams. 

I had Starbucks yesterday. 
This is the first time I finished a cup. 
I just don’t care for it. 
Today it was just Espresso and 
Heavy Whipping Cream. 
I loved it. 

I’m Snake Juice Fasting
But I added coffee in
Because of my massive schedule 
These past 2 weeks. 

Down 4 pounds on the scale. 
No cheating. 
Yay me! 

Get the little gains taken care of 
Before they become big gains. 

It’s easier to lose 5 or 10 pounds 
Than it is to lose 50 or 100. 

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  1. As of this hour, I have fasted 69 hours. I was going to do a 72 hour fast. I think I’ll keep going. See what happens.


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