26 July 2019

ok here we go

My housemate leaves 
In a few days  for what was 
a pre-planned vacation. 
There’s no amount of recovery 
She can’t do away-
That she could do here. 

Or however that saying goes. 

Since it’s already paid for -
Off she goes. 

New shoes. 
Size 8 
I keep going up in size. 

Still giving the watch a work out. 
But July’s goals fell flat. 

For a month plus,
I’ve been helping people 
on my off days. 

Here’s how it goes:


Nothing nothing nothing 
Plenty of  Nothing -

Then ... everything! 

I have no complaints. 
July was good. 
I ate Keto Ice Cream. 
And steaks every day. 

And watched Outlander. 

But now, we’ll try again for August. 
Pete will be back soon. 

I wanted to try some dry fasting. 
Before he got back. 
I think it’s just too hot right now. 
And I have too much to do. 

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