06 July 2019

sleep sleep sleep

I asked Pat if I could stay 
A few days -
Because fireworks. 

She said yes! 
And she just had surgery
So she’s sleeping on the living room. 
I get the $8000  TemperPedic. 
At least for now. 

She’s an old friend. 
Maybe 30 years. 

She said she gets lonesome 
Being alone. 
So I say we should have 
“Girls Day Out”
Once a month or so. 
Eat Salad,  Watch TV. 
Spend the night and just sleep late
And drink coffee. 

She’s good because she has also 
Lost like 100 pounds. 
So she doesn’t give me grief. 
About my food choices- 
Or wave French Fries
In my face-
Trying to get me to eat one. 

Still fasting. 
I wanted to eat twoce a week. 
Since that’s what worded before. 
But I’m not hungry 
So I’m pressing on. 

So much pretty skies. 

Lost And Lonely Leftovers. 

No scale at Pat’s house. 
So we’ll see   

The best thing about fasting 
is that it never fails. 
I guess eventually you would 
go into “starvation mode.”
But Snake Juice Fasting
Is muscle sparing. 

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  1. In order to not break my fast entirely, I have a glob of butter, or some cream with coffee. Nothing insulinogenic.
    No insulin spikes- no weight gain
    Win win!
    I plan to dry fast Monday when I’m off work. And weigh on, and eat a small meal.
    Then start fasting again. 😄


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