25 July 2019

yukky night

This says I slept. 
But I didn’t sleep much. 
So much reflux. 

Good news. 
I don’t wear a 4x Swimsuit. 
In a different brand - Dolfin- 
I wear a 16. 
My friend let me try this on. 
And I was “swimming” in it. 

This actually made me ill. 
I love sugar-free cheesecake. 
But not today.

I took my BG before and after. 
And it was 100 both times. 
So maltitol caused no BG spike. 

It caused reflux, though! 

Rebel Ice Cream. 
Didn’t cause a Blood Glucose spike. 
But it’s not for every day. 

It seems I am under the Rule Of Twos. 
I can’t have the same thing 
two days in a row. 
Not wine or sweets or anything. 
I need to rotate. 

Hamburger, Beef Sausage. 
Mushrooms and Onions. 

Pork Rinds. 

I went with some friends 

To get my first pedicure. 

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months 
Since I first turned that nurse in for hurting 
My boy patient by starving him. 

Nothing has changed. 
So I’ll be taking the matter 
into my own hands. 

I’m sure the stress is hard. 
I feel stressed all the time. 

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