13 July 2019

wish bones

The hunger of ADF
- Alternate Day Fasting -
Is unbearable to me. 

So that indicates to me
That I have an ulcer still. 
It mimics hunger. 

I went to a diet pill doctor
Way back in the 1990s. 
He gave every patientZantac
For 2 weeks before he started 
Phen-Phen (remember Phen-Phen?)
To rule out an ulcer and the
Constant urge to eat. 

Anecdotally speaking,
Peptic ulcers can’t handle food...
It hurts. 
Duodenal ulcers feel better 
with food.  Less hurt. 

Having both would explain 
Why sometimes 
You can eat and feel a little reflux,
But then feel infinitely better
As the food passes through
To the duodenum. 

Coffee has to go. 
But not this week. 

If it makes you poop, 
You gotta know it is disruptive 
To something or another.  

Sleeping well without my wine. 

A Facebook group asked 
a group of nurses 
What they do when they get home. 
90% of them had a glass of Vino. 

Plugging along here. 
One plug at a time. 

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