20 July 2019

Love Dove



Not mine. 


The phone rang yesterday. 
It was the Baby’s Mom. 

The big sister, now 4 years old,
Thinks I have the Baby with me. 

She just wanted to say “Hi!”
So Hi!

That’s ok if she is with me. 

So I’m doing Dry Fasting
Like 12 plus hours a day. 
It helps with deep healing 
By way of Autophagy. 

Apparently, I have a bad reputation 
In the Low Carb workd. 

People think I’m a low carb failure. 
One group said that hardly no one 
Keeps messing up 
And going back as much as me. 

Well- since that’s not true,
I guess I just got a hold of a bully. 
Or she got a hold of me. 

I gained like 15 to 20 pounds 
when I broke my leg. 
But never went up 
more than one size. 
And that’s just cuz I don’t like 
Clothes touching me. 

But it is amazing 
How very little food we actually need. 

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