28 July 2019

fictitious disorder imposed on another

Sleep but only because I took medication. 
Just OTC Unisom. 

Being a witness to a sheath crime
Is hard. You don’t know what to do next. 

It’s like playing chess on several layers 
At the same time. 

This is me when I thought
 the nurses were just lazy 
And didn’t give the meds 
Or do the treatments. 

This is me when I found direct, 
I disputable hard evidence 
That they did actually commit a crime.
Against a patient. 

And worst. 
Stress pounds. 
It’s like taking cortisone. 

I just can’t eat. 
And I guess I won’t. 
If my body doesn’t need it. 
Then I’m trained enough
With fasting to wait. 

Maybe each crying jag
Is about a pound or flesh. 

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