01 November 2013

yep yep yep

How nice to come home to this!

Candles - no fire - too hot!
I have had the windows open lately.
Got my first electricity bill ( for 3 weeks) $43!

Made a nice Chili - 
Pumpkin - having people come over this weekend.
Trying to wow them!

Got a purse - actually a messenger bag.
To hold all these things  ya gotta carry these days.
Cell phone, wallet, keys... 
Now that I am mobile, I need something!

Making a nice Oxtail Stew / Broth

 Ceramic Pans... my Teflon ones got all scratched up
That's ok - I didn't like them anyways!

The apartment is painted,
I am all rested up -
Ready to get back on track -
Work wise and food and working out!


  1. Yay indeedy!

    So nice to see you in a comfy home of your own.Cooking great food for friends too.

    I'm looking longingly at the Low Carb Cruise on Livin La Vida. It's not looking good for us right now .... very, very broke until my mother's house sells. Ah Well! If not 2014 maybe 2015?


    1. Moving twice in one year - well, it wiped me out financially.
      So I probably won't be able to take a cruise this year either.
      UGH! Maybe 2015 for sure.

  2. Looks great! Fireplaces are the best :D

  3. Looks like things are going well!!!

  4. You've done an awesome job, my friend. You are an amazing woman.

    1. Only because of friends like you - thanks!


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