02 November 2013

a good week

CPR class is done 
Best class yet!
They guy really taught from the heart. How it should be.

Hung some more art - 
Long live Amazon!

Quiche makings

Spiral cut noodles

Cauliflower Bread Sticks

Quiche with all the trimmings

Happy faces .... yum foodies!

And a treat from Sugarless De Light! (link)

Went to Ikea for the first time -
Won't be the last time

Faith - a caregiver - is celebrating getting her PhD!
Here she is feeding me some Zimbabwe BBQ

Meeting dogs everywhere -
Even at Lowe's. I think I still smelled like bbq!

Fixing things everywhere

The apartment looks great!
Thanks, Sherri - for your help!


  1. The apartment does look great! Glad I could be part of the fun. Our next trip to Ikea needs to include lunch there, I think. Swedish meatballs - yes?

    1. Without any doubt! And hold the potatoes.

  2. Wow! I am really loving your new place!

  3. LOVE that fireplace..sigh

    Katie <-----curled up on sofa with two Siamese pals in front of our" fireplace " = tall space heater!!

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