20 November 2013

dreading nights

OK - so yeah - night shifts.

But I guess it's ok. Considering.
I've got the room-darkening shades.
And these not-so-deadly night-shades.
And de plugs for de hear. 

And the phone goes off - and stays off.
I sleep like a drunk person crashes,
So it would do no good to call me anyways.
Even if you call a million times.
It will simply have to wait.

And my eating so apparently so clean,
I am really feeling good inside and out.

Imagine this:
I eat, and feel good. Really good!
This is how I imagine it is "supposed" to be.
I never ever in 53 years felt good after I ate.
Not even whilst eating strict LC.

There were times when I didn't feel bad.
And thanks to LC, the heartburn is gone.
But now, I eat, and energy - that I can actually sense -
It's strange... I have access to energy that I 
Never have had before.... ever!

So most nights are not a struggle
Or a jittery caffeine over dose.
So no A-Fib! Yay!
And I can not remember the last time I took an Advil
Or a Tums. And my hair is growing shaggy again.
It was really not growing much this summer.
I once did my hair every two weeks....
It has been over two months - omg
Finally due for a hair cut!

Got some new scrubs.... all different colors!
This size is vexed -so I don't pay attention to sizes anyhow.
It means nothing. In one day, I could wear anything from
An 8 to a 16. Completely inconsistant. Hmmph!

But I did get a really heavy material,
And roomy enough I can wear a shirt underneath. 
Cuz sometimes patients keep the room really cold at night.

I have been able to get some stretching and walking in.

I like having the same case to drive to everyday.
With a schedule that does not change
Without my consent.
Being told I had "no choice" in a work matter
Was indeed one of the lowest points of my career.

And the pay is not too shabby - with my new raise!
I get roughly twice the pay 
For roughly half the hours as I worked before. Win Win!

So back to nights I go.
Blogging all the way!


  1. I am so happy that you are back to regular blogging! Love reading all about you and your wonderful life!

  2. Hi Ann, I'm a long-time lurker of your blog. I think I found you from lurking in Kelly's blog, :) Today I decided to comment for the first time since you allow anonymous comments. I'm maintaining right now and flip-flopping between Paleo and Atkins.

    I love your recipes (and especially the pictures) since I have zero imagination and get sick of chicken and salad every day. I tried your pulled pork idea and it came out soooooo great, my entire family loved it. I've always used a pork loin in the past, comes out very dry. Your new place looks beautiful. Love the colors you chose. ~Kathy

  3. Win-Win for you! Glad things are going so well!

  4. Hello, I kinda wish I could wear scrubs to my work everyday. I love them!
    curious -- do you think there's any correlation between LC, Paleo, Atkins, etc. and the severity or frequency of hot flashes/night sweats/menopause symptoms?

    1. I wonder if it would help the night sweats....
      I mean, after all, eating real food is way better than any
      LoFat chemical sh!t storm, eh?


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