06 November 2013

a nude eh

A New Day lol
not so much "a nude, eh"?

Got a new job - first night is tonight!
Many times in Nursing you start off working nights....
Then someone quits and you get the days!

Made a quiche to take to work - trying to stay up later
Shopping later - but still being quiet for the neighbors

My electricity bill comes in repots by the week - 
Turns out I am a power sipper!
With the windows open, life is grand!

Got soooo much done today - got almost all packed out!
Hard work in the rain - kinda fun, though!


  1. It WAS , Miss K - thanks for thinking of me!
    I love Pediatrics because you know where you are going every day.... none of this driving all over de place in the dark of night. Give me a string of shifts there and I will be happy as a Nursie Clam!

  2. I think working nights would kill me!
    I would love to be working with babies though.


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