19 November 2013

cooking evenings

Once a week or so,
I am cooking with friends!
Showing off some LoCarb tips...

Fun in the Kitchen

With people who know  - and are learning
All about the Love of Good Food
And Healthy Eating!

Bacon and Pepper Poppers

Roasted Asparagus 

CaveMan MeatLoaf (link)

Yum to the nom nom nom 

Another delightful dish done and done!

Throw these out!
You'll thank me later!
They asked me to pitch it
*But I always wanted to anyhow*

Mindful Cooking is good because we can eat the mistakes!
And time with friends is always awesome!


  1. I am having so much trouble beginning low carb. The cravings hit and low-carb flu always make me give in.The holidays coming up aren't helping. I need a kick in the pants.

    1. Well then - come on, Miss Karen! Here's a loving kick from me to you!

  2. readin your lo carb craziness keeps me on track everyday - thanks sista!


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