18 November 2013

my cute apt

This is the awesome view from my window

They say that bitterness goes away when you are grateful -
It must be doubly true of trees

A good daily work out

Still messing with those drapes

Is it my imagination -
Or is the sky an awesome blue today?

Still going to the Fitness Center 

 Once I can walk without limping...

I am quite certain I tore the shit out of something in my foot.

I get cramps and stabbing pains at the *worst* possible times!

A Dog Park right across the street

 Ready for a swim?

OK.... so there you have the grand tour!


  1. Too bad it's not a people park, but you can't have everything. Nice crib.

    1. heehee - thanks, Jack!
      There's a bigger dog park down the street -
      Called "North Bark"...lol... dogs love it there

  2. Ithought you were the manager of a group home - what happened? You were to excited to be there dong that. Hope nothing went wrong. Nice place any how

    1. Um... yeah... well.... true!
      I did love the job but they asked me to move out
      So they could rent out the room I was living in.
      So here I be!

    2. omg that is horrible! when they lost you they lost a good nurse. I hope they know that.

  3. Love it...but when are we getting the video tour? Such a demanding audience. Miss A, I have heard that nurses don't make the best patients...but when are you getting that foot checked out? Love you!

  4. We are getting some really great fall color this year - just look at those trees! We aren't always quite so lucky with the autumn color here in North Texas.

  5. Gotta get that foot checked out babe.


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